Stiched Art Book

I have created a book titled ‘Stitched Art of Sylvia Naylor’ which shows images of some of my artwork.


Available from me or order from

Transfer Painting

I have written a small booklet about Transfer Painting. This is designed to be used by beginners and is well illustrated.


Is available from me or

1000 Artisan Textiles

Two pieces of Sylvia’s work are included in “1000 Artisan Textiles”.

Published by Quarry Press 2010.

500 Art Quilts

‘500 Art Quilts’

You can see a piece of Sylvia’s fibre art in Lark Publishing’s book ‘500 Art Quilts’.

Machine Quilting Unlimited

Machine Quilting Unlimited

Meander Publishing. March/April 2013 an article by Sylvia.